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GOOD NEWS for Everyone! (formerly Gideons UK) serves to introduce others to the Lord Jesus Christ by the placing, presenting and/or distributing Scriptures in many different areas of life, most often Testaments, which include the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, but also copies of the full Bible.  Provider of sound Bible teaching since 1998. Over 1000 short teaching addresses on many Bible subjects, website has a fully searchable index. Origially broadcast on Premier Radio.

Emmaus Bible School UK – Provider of Bible study courses in the UK by way of distance learning. The Bible is the key to the knowledge of God and to a true understanding of life. Use it to unlock the meaning of your life.

Links for children – A website with lots of animated Bible stories for children of primary school age. Two young children and a robot whiz back in time to witness many Bible events and learn valuable lessons from history.